Mindful responder

“I was, to put it mildly, skeptical about mindfulness and meditation—until I read this book. Coates knows first responders and speaks to the challenges of this work in language that grabbed me from the get-go. Essential reading that’s going to do a lot of first responders a lot of good!”
—Lt. Jim Glennon (ret.), author of Arresting Communications and co-author of Street Survival II

About The Book

Mindfulness is a concept embraced by many, but not traditionally first responders. You might associate it instead with wellness retreats or self-help gurus or celebrities. This book argues that this is precisely wrong. While mindfulness and meditation have something to offer anyone, they are particularly applicable to those reducing suffering under the conditions life throws at them: cops, firefighters, and EMS personnel; but also dispatchers, utility workers, nurses, doctors, correctional officers, school teachers, cashiers, and so on—the people without whom this life come to a grinding halt. This is, in other words, not the stuff of glossy magazine covers. Mindfulness is the stuff of real life.

In this book, you’ll explore:

• What is meant by mindfulness

• How it can reduce stress and suffering

• Ways to improve your resilience

• How to improve your physical fitness through mindfulness practice

• Tips for improved communications and leadership

• How to bring the concepts of mindfulness and meditation into your agency.

In order to undertake skillful action in the field, you must have presence of mind. The emphasis in your line of work is righty on action. But in order to have presence of mind, you must first find peace of mind. Getting to that is the aim of this book.

The Book


“Finding peace on the frontlines of service.”